Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"George Bush is the Worlds biggest terrorist."

"There are muslims being tortured in american jails."

"The United States is fighting an illegal war in Iraq."

We have heard these statements almost every day for the past three years from numerous leftist wackos in the press and in the US government.

Is it any wonder that lately, these statements are not from from leftist wackos, but Saddam Hussein. Whats next? Will Saddam be the keynote speaker at the DNC convention? He seems to be saying the same things.

Now Im not naive enough to believe that the similarity of these statements is a coincidence. More likely, Saddam has been informed of the comments by the american left and is smart enough to know when he's been handed a bone. Obviously anyone can pick up a paper and point it out to him. As can any terrorist trying to recruit. "See? Even some americans believe they are evil! We can exploit this division."

Im sure they also say " I cant believe they were so stupid as to allow thier enemies to know they are divided, and CAN be divided further. Lets exploit that!"

Are the american left and Saddam conspriring with each other? No. But indirectly, the left is giving Saddam everything he needs to make himself out to be the victim of an evil administration in charge of an evil country. Its NOT a coincidence that Saddam is not only using thier talking points, but almost exactly the phrasing and language.

Most of the american left are smart intellectual people. (just ask them) So it doesnt wash when they say what they say, and dont expect it to be used by our enemies against us. They HAVE to know it will be used, yet they say it anyway. So what does that make them? They would tell you it makes them patriots. That notion is kind of funny, since what they say gets americans killed. Maybe to them that means being patriotic, throwing american soldiers and citizens under the bus to advance thier political agenda of regaining congress and the white house.

I say it makes them one of two things, evil or stupid.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Ports and UAE

Let me get this out of the way. I was against this port deal.

Now, my reasons for this are legitimate, based on truth and logic. Not half truths and outright lies perpetrated by the left and thier media stenographers.

Lets go over some of the half truths and lies:

1. They would own the ports.

This lie was told almost from the moment the story broke. The Port is owned by the local Port Authority. What was happening is that this company would take over operations of terminals in numerous ports. A port is made up of MANY terminals. Think of an airline running a terminal at an airport. they have thier emblems there. The planes, baggage cars etc.

2. They will be responsible for security

No, again, this was trumpeted far and wide by democrats such as Biden. The Port Authority and the Coast guard provide security. You dont see security guards with "Delta Airlines" patches running around the airports do you? This is no different.

Dubai ports World already runs ports in the US. Miami comes to mind. China also runs ports in this country.

No one complained before because this was a purely political manuever on the part of the democrats to demonize the Bush administration once again. they misled the public about the facts and took thier marching orders from the union that really control the ports.

As for the unions, it has been asked why there are no american companies who do this sort of work? Short of Halliburton. The answer is they do, but do not want to deal with corrupt unions who's only goal is to milk them dry into bankruptcy.

Why am I against this after seemingly defending the deal?

This company is owned by the government of the UAE. A government that supports Hamas, does not recognize Israel, and has supported terrorism in the past. I know they allow us to dock our ships in thier ports, and they are a strategic ally in the WOT. But the bottom line is that I dont want this government making money here. money they could funnel to terrorists. We would effectively be funding terorism against ourselves.

Yes I realize this is already occuring every day, but why make it worse.

but at least my reasons are based on facts and honesty. Not demagoguery and partisan politics.


J Bennish? Did he compare Bush to Hitler? Not exactly. Did he use his position as a teacher to intimidate students? Probably. Should he have been fired? no.

Some of the right wing talk show hosts have been calling for this guy to be fired, ousted, ostracized, hung. They have been saying we need to have speech like this eliminated for lack of a better word.

Amazingly I say no, because where would it end? Everytime we take steps to censure speech we dont like, we move a little closer to that line we never want to cross.

With free speech comes responsibilty, Bennish showed none, that much is clear. He is entitled to his opinions. What got all of us on the right all riled up was that we dont believe he is entitled to his own facts. Everytime any leftist compares Bush or the right to Nazi's, they are just demonstrating thier ignorance. He wasnt comparing Bush to hitler, but the comments and tone were "eerily similar" he said.

With laughter I point out that well, im not comparing Saddam Hussien to democrats, but what Saddam had to say at his trial and what democrats say on a daily basis was "eerily similar" as well. No one seems to point that out. Its the liberal hypocracy on display.

Bennish is a moron. Freedom of speech means you can say what you want. I believe it is also implied that you need to be responsible with this freedom (burning building anyone?). And because he is free to say it, we should be free to dispute it. Especially when what he said was so wrong on so many different levels. Intellectually, factually, morally.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Saddam Liked Reagan

Well, in typical liberal fashion they are now trying to humanize this guy. "See?, he's not so bad. He likes Doritos and is a neat freak. Anyone who likes doritos and is a neat freak cant be all that bad."

To quote the author: "These guards took the time to get to know him a little bit, unlike world leaders."

As soon as I heard the Reagan comment I knew the left would be all over it like flies on sugar. Its amazing how well these dictators and terrorists can push their buttons and get them to do their bidding.

I bet they have weekly meetings and go over how all their propaganda was eaten up by the American left. They have the press and the left zeroed in like a heroin dealer has his customers. And the left is symbolically blowing them in the local motel like Robert Downey in Less Than Zero trying to get his next fix.

For those of you on the left reading this, you are Robert Downey and the terrorists are the dealers. The heroin is anything that hurts Bush and the right. I knew you would need that spoon fed to you. Ha, spoon.

You need your smack so bad you are willing to get it anyway you can from anyone you can. Even up to getting on your knees and taking one for the team.

Its quite comical to watch and be able to predict their reactions so easily.

Monday, June 20, 2005

More Iraqis Killed

More policemen in Iraq have been killed. It has become perfectly obvious to this guy that they usually seem to get killed in large groups, usually during a roll call.

Has it dawned on them that maybe they shouldn't be doing roll call out in the middle of the street?

What is Going on in the American left?

Why do they say the things they do? Are we doing everything 100% right 100% of the time? Absolutely not. Are we trying to do the right thing? Absolutely yes.

So, for political gain, these senators and politicians, Durbin, Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, Hillary, Dean, et al will compare our soldiers to those of Nazi's, Soviets, and the Khmer Rouge.

The left wing controlled media seems to have no problem with this. They mistakenly still believe that they represent the general public. Where is the outcry against these attacks? Can you imagine what would've happened had republican senators had said these things against our soldiers during FDR's reign?

For that matter, could we have won WWII with today's media?

According to Dean I have never done an honest days work in my life. He hates me and everything I stand for. So that means Dean and his cronies on the left hate low taxes, personal responsibility, small government, strong defense and military, strong law enforcement, and all the other common sense things that republicans and the right stand for.

Durbin has called our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends and cousins serving in the military Nazis. The left will scream "he was only talking about those at Gitmo!" as if none of the above are serving there. And as if what the TERRORISTS are saying is actually going on. Simulated violence is not the same as real violence.

Those men being held over there are terrorists. I find it humorous that the left buys their story hook line and sinker. I guess Osama was right about one thing. He can do what he wants because he knows the American left and their media cronies will try to sway public opinion so that we lose our stomach for retaliation. They play right into his hands every time and are too ignorant to see it. I say ignorant because these people are not dumb. They are doctors and lawyers and college professors who live in their own little isolated world of self righteous academia.

They say they are better than you or I. And they will tell you at every opportunity. They believe that they know better than you how to live your own life. They feel that they should be able to take away all that you have for the betterment of the whole.

Where is the common sense? Do they hate Bush so much that they are just willing to throw it out the window? Are they willing to say or do anything to hurt this administration, regardless of what effect it has on their constituents?

They have constantly mischaracterized the nature of the threat against us. They refuse to understand that these fascist militant Islamic fundamentalist jihadist want to kill us for one reason only. That we are not fascist militant Islamic fundamentalist jihadists. They have been doing this to the world long before there was an Israel. Long before we were in Saudi Arabia. Long before we were in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Their goal is an Islamic fundamentalist world. Where all countries that were once under their control are once again under their control. This includes France, Spain, Germany etc. They will kill all those who don't change to this viewpoint. All the other reasons we hear are just pretexts.

This war is going much better than the media will have you believe. There are still people dying, but this is the middle east!

The left will reap what they sow in the upcoming elections. Count on it.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The UN and the USA

In light of the government voting to withhold funds from the UN until they clean up their corrupt arses. Here is where we should go from there.

This organization is worthless. They should be asked to leave and we should stop footing their bill entirely.

Their resolutions hold no weight, they are paper tigers. Their members are corrupt, lining their own pockets violating their own resolutions. Besides, anytime they need something enforced, it our country that ends up bearing the brunt.

Once we are done that we should pull all military aid from all foreign countries that have shown to be our enemies includes France, Germany, and all the other ones.

I would love to see how France would sustain their precious socialist paradise without the US to foot their defense spending. I would love to see how fast the people of Germany would start bitching when we remove that huge base and all those consumers from their economy.

After that, we leave Saudi Arabia blowing up everything in our path on the way out.


You know what we should do. We should start pitting the prisoners against each other "Running Man" style. The winner of each round gets a trial. We could televise it and I bet it would get great ratings.

We could put them in some kind of environment where they would have like bomb belts and explosive laden cars around to use to try to kill the other guy.

There would be a special bonus for the guy who blows himself up, IE he wouldn't have to get a trial and would receive a full release.

We could kind of set it up like the "Twit Of The Year" competition on Monty Python.

wouldn't that be great?!

We could give them neat little suits to wear and really nice designer Gucci bomb vests. They would have some style when they blow themselves up. (You can be sure they wouldn't hesitate to get you if they could)

They would then get their trials by military tribunal and be found guilty anyway. But at least they would get their precious trials right?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The NHL Idiocy

For those of you that don't know. (at this point, everybody) I love hockey.

In fact reading Ecklund's log was how I found out about this site.

The NHL, and in particular the NHL players have been such a disappointment. They seem like such down to earth fellows yet were completely oblivious to the lack of general popularity of the NHL.

The owners may have overstated their losses, but even if it was only half as much that would be something in he neighborhood of 125 MILLION dollars. That's 125,000,000. If you divide that among 30 teams that equals out to roughly $4,166,666 per team. But, since there are teams in this league that make money, (Montreal, Dallas) and teams that make TONS of money, (Detroit, NY Rangers, Philadelphia, Toronto) the majority just broke even or in some cases lost ALOT of money.

They have the smallest joke of a national TV contract, at least until ESPN dropped them for the upcoming year. (don't worry I am sure they will work something out if they settle this nonsense.) Now they only have the deal with NBC. It was obvious that most of the teams cannot even fill their own buildings. ( I see a ton of Flyers jerseys on TV at every road broadcast.) I went to a Devils playoff game against the Flyers and most of the second level was EMPTY. It was pathetic. The players have to see this. They have to see that their ratings couldn't beat poker. They have to see that due to poor marketing and a poor product. By poor product I mean the slogging, trapping, clutching and grabbing, 2-1 bore fests that have made hockey a regional sport at best.

Had they taken the deal back when the season could've been saved, they could've had a cap in the neighborhood of $42 million. Now they will be getting $36-$38 if they are lucky.

Hockey will be having to lower it's ticket prices, ESPN will re-up but at what price? 60% of the original deal? The salaries have to come down.

This isn't to say that the owners don't bear some responsibility. They are the ones who couldn't keep their own pockets shut. But what choice do you have when you get a few prima donnas to hold out for renegotiations and force the team to pay you because you are their only draw. Or another team swooping in with a ridiculous amount of money. (cough cough Yashin cough cough)

The above is why the 24% rollback offered by the players was only a short term solution. Because there was nothing to stop the hold outs. At least now a team can point at the cap and say "this is what we can spend, do you want to play here or not?"

It looks as though it may be finally sinking in. Its about a year too late!

Michael Jackson

I guess just like OJ we see that 'not guilty' and 'innocent' are not the same thing.

Do I think MJ is a child molester? Absolutely. Do I think he was guilty in THIS CASE. Probably not. Though if he is, and he got off because this poor kid's mother is as big a scumbag as MJ is, then that really sucks.

I've been reading that this kid has really taken it pretty hard.

I am amazed once again that he was not guilty of everything, even the giving alcohol to minors charge. JESUS JUICE!

It also once again painfully illustrates the difference between the races. They are so ready to play the race card. This in of itself is pretty funny because OJ and MJ are two of the whitest black men on the planet. Embraced by whites and blacks alike. To say that these cases were racially motivated is pretty insulting. What it does show is that the black race sees skin color before facts, at least in these two cases.

One last thing: Is anyone else reminded of the cantina scene from Star Wars every time they see that freak family leaving the court room?

Where is Natalie?

No body on a small island after three weeks of looking? Why is no one else thinking outside the box on this?

When I first heard this story the first thing that popped into my head is that this beautiful, 18 year old blonde is somewhere in Thailand hopped up on opium and taking it backdoor 20 times a day as a sex slave for drunken russian roulette players.

Aruba is like 6 by 20 miles or some ridiculous thing like that. If they haven't found her yet she is not on the Island. I could be wrong of course.

The other thing that came to mind is what parent in their right mind would let an 18 year old girl go to Aruba with 130 other kids and only 7 "chaperones" who I'm sure were doing nothing of the sort. A place where these naive kids can drink legally. No 18 year old kid can responsibly handle alcohol on their own without some kind of guidance.

The people who made this decision are not responsible for what happened, but they do need to take a long look in the mirror and figure out what the hell they were thinking for letting this situation come about.

Dick Durban

Does this guy really believe what he is saying? Does anyone else? Every time I hear rhetoric like this I am surprised. It shows an ignorance of history and an ignorance of the things we are being compared to. Hitler? Pol Pot? Stalin? Come on.

Have there been abuses, probably. Are they systemic? I really have a hard time believing that. Even most of the stuff I have heard described are mainly things that you would see at a bachelor party more so than a "gulag."

I mean amnesty international got most of its info from men who are trained to lie about being tortured. They understand the American media and the American left as well as I do. They know that just making the allegation is going to mobilize them. They know that the media, and he left's, hatred of George Bush is enough to set them off. Never let the facts get in the way of a good anti-Bush story right?

Then there is another angle. A more likely angle. This angle says that they know exactly what they are saying when they make comparisons such as this. This angle says that they know exactly that our enemies are going to hear what they say, and use it to recruit more terrorists to kill our soldiers. How can they not know what the consequences of their words will be? These are not stupid people. Do they hate Bush so much that they are willing to throw our soldiers under a bus for the off chance it will hurt public opinion of our President?

I hope the public is taking notes. Both bases will not move on their convictions. Its those that don't care (the middle fence sitters) that will hear this kind of rhetoric and be insulted by it.