Tuesday, March 14, 2006


J Bennish? Did he compare Bush to Hitler? Not exactly. Did he use his position as a teacher to intimidate students? Probably. Should he have been fired? no.

Some of the right wing talk show hosts have been calling for this guy to be fired, ousted, ostracized, hung. They have been saying we need to have speech like this eliminated for lack of a better word.

Amazingly I say no, because where would it end? Everytime we take steps to censure speech we dont like, we move a little closer to that line we never want to cross.

With free speech comes responsibilty, Bennish showed none, that much is clear. He is entitled to his opinions. What got all of us on the right all riled up was that we dont believe he is entitled to his own facts. Everytime any leftist compares Bush or the right to Nazi's, they are just demonstrating thier ignorance. He wasnt comparing Bush to hitler, but the comments and tone were "eerily similar" he said.

With laughter I point out that well, im not comparing Saddam Hussien to democrats, but what Saddam had to say at his trial and what democrats say on a daily basis was "eerily similar" as well. No one seems to point that out. Its the liberal hypocracy on display.

Bennish is a moron. Freedom of speech means you can say what you want. I believe it is also implied that you need to be responsible with this freedom (burning building anyone?). And because he is free to say it, we should be free to dispute it. Especially when what he said was so wrong on so many different levels. Intellectually, factually, morally.


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