Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"George Bush is the Worlds biggest terrorist."

"There are muslims being tortured in american jails."

"The United States is fighting an illegal war in Iraq."

We have heard these statements almost every day for the past three years from numerous leftist wackos in the press and in the US government.

Is it any wonder that lately, these statements are not from from leftist wackos, but Saddam Hussein. Whats next? Will Saddam be the keynote speaker at the DNC convention? He seems to be saying the same things.

Now Im not naive enough to believe that the similarity of these statements is a coincidence. More likely, Saddam has been informed of the comments by the american left and is smart enough to know when he's been handed a bone. Obviously anyone can pick up a paper and point it out to him. As can any terrorist trying to recruit. "See? Even some americans believe they are evil! We can exploit this division."

Im sure they also say " I cant believe they were so stupid as to allow thier enemies to know they are divided, and CAN be divided further. Lets exploit that!"

Are the american left and Saddam conspriring with each other? No. But indirectly, the left is giving Saddam everything he needs to make himself out to be the victim of an evil administration in charge of an evil country. Its NOT a coincidence that Saddam is not only using thier talking points, but almost exactly the phrasing and language.

Most of the american left are smart intellectual people. (just ask them) So it doesnt wash when they say what they say, and dont expect it to be used by our enemies against us. They HAVE to know it will be used, yet they say it anyway. So what does that make them? They would tell you it makes them patriots. That notion is kind of funny, since what they say gets americans killed. Maybe to them that means being patriotic, throwing american soldiers and citizens under the bus to advance thier political agenda of regaining congress and the white house.

I say it makes them one of two things, evil or stupid.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Ports and UAE

Let me get this out of the way. I was against this port deal.

Now, my reasons for this are legitimate, based on truth and logic. Not half truths and outright lies perpetrated by the left and thier media stenographers.

Lets go over some of the half truths and lies:

1. They would own the ports.

This lie was told almost from the moment the story broke. The Port is owned by the local Port Authority. What was happening is that this company would take over operations of terminals in numerous ports. A port is made up of MANY terminals. Think of an airline running a terminal at an airport. they have thier emblems there. The planes, baggage cars etc.

2. They will be responsible for security

No, again, this was trumpeted far and wide by democrats such as Biden. The Port Authority and the Coast guard provide security. You dont see security guards with "Delta Airlines" patches running around the airports do you? This is no different.

Dubai ports World already runs ports in the US. Miami comes to mind. China also runs ports in this country.

No one complained before because this was a purely political manuever on the part of the democrats to demonize the Bush administration once again. they misled the public about the facts and took thier marching orders from the union that really control the ports.

As for the unions, it has been asked why there are no american companies who do this sort of work? Short of Halliburton. The answer is they do, but do not want to deal with corrupt unions who's only goal is to milk them dry into bankruptcy.

Why am I against this after seemingly defending the deal?

This company is owned by the government of the UAE. A government that supports Hamas, does not recognize Israel, and has supported terrorism in the past. I know they allow us to dock our ships in thier ports, and they are a strategic ally in the WOT. But the bottom line is that I dont want this government making money here. money they could funnel to terrorists. We would effectively be funding terorism against ourselves.

Yes I realize this is already occuring every day, but why make it worse.

but at least my reasons are based on facts and honesty. Not demagoguery and partisan politics.


J Bennish? Did he compare Bush to Hitler? Not exactly. Did he use his position as a teacher to intimidate students? Probably. Should he have been fired? no.

Some of the right wing talk show hosts have been calling for this guy to be fired, ousted, ostracized, hung. They have been saying we need to have speech like this eliminated for lack of a better word.

Amazingly I say no, because where would it end? Everytime we take steps to censure speech we dont like, we move a little closer to that line we never want to cross.

With free speech comes responsibilty, Bennish showed none, that much is clear. He is entitled to his opinions. What got all of us on the right all riled up was that we dont believe he is entitled to his own facts. Everytime any leftist compares Bush or the right to Nazi's, they are just demonstrating thier ignorance. He wasnt comparing Bush to hitler, but the comments and tone were "eerily similar" he said.

With laughter I point out that well, im not comparing Saddam Hussien to democrats, but what Saddam had to say at his trial and what democrats say on a daily basis was "eerily similar" as well. No one seems to point that out. Its the liberal hypocracy on display.

Bennish is a moron. Freedom of speech means you can say what you want. I believe it is also implied that you need to be responsible with this freedom (burning building anyone?). And because he is free to say it, we should be free to dispute it. Especially when what he said was so wrong on so many different levels. Intellectually, factually, morally.