Monday, June 20, 2005

What is Going on in the American left?

Why do they say the things they do? Are we doing everything 100% right 100% of the time? Absolutely not. Are we trying to do the right thing? Absolutely yes.

So, for political gain, these senators and politicians, Durbin, Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, Hillary, Dean, et al will compare our soldiers to those of Nazi's, Soviets, and the Khmer Rouge.

The left wing controlled media seems to have no problem with this. They mistakenly still believe that they represent the general public. Where is the outcry against these attacks? Can you imagine what would've happened had republican senators had said these things against our soldiers during FDR's reign?

For that matter, could we have won WWII with today's media?

According to Dean I have never done an honest days work in my life. He hates me and everything I stand for. So that means Dean and his cronies on the left hate low taxes, personal responsibility, small government, strong defense and military, strong law enforcement, and all the other common sense things that republicans and the right stand for.

Durbin has called our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends and cousins serving in the military Nazis. The left will scream "he was only talking about those at Gitmo!" as if none of the above are serving there. And as if what the TERRORISTS are saying is actually going on. Simulated violence is not the same as real violence.

Those men being held over there are terrorists. I find it humorous that the left buys their story hook line and sinker. I guess Osama was right about one thing. He can do what he wants because he knows the American left and their media cronies will try to sway public opinion so that we lose our stomach for retaliation. They play right into his hands every time and are too ignorant to see it. I say ignorant because these people are not dumb. They are doctors and lawyers and college professors who live in their own little isolated world of self righteous academia.

They say they are better than you or I. And they will tell you at every opportunity. They believe that they know better than you how to live your own life. They feel that they should be able to take away all that you have for the betterment of the whole.

Where is the common sense? Do they hate Bush so much that they are just willing to throw it out the window? Are they willing to say or do anything to hurt this administration, regardless of what effect it has on their constituents?

They have constantly mischaracterized the nature of the threat against us. They refuse to understand that these fascist militant Islamic fundamentalist jihadist want to kill us for one reason only. That we are not fascist militant Islamic fundamentalist jihadists. They have been doing this to the world long before there was an Israel. Long before we were in Saudi Arabia. Long before we were in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Their goal is an Islamic fundamentalist world. Where all countries that were once under their control are once again under their control. This includes France, Spain, Germany etc. They will kill all those who don't change to this viewpoint. All the other reasons we hear are just pretexts.

This war is going much better than the media will have you believe. There are still people dying, but this is the middle east!

The left will reap what they sow in the upcoming elections. Count on it.


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