Sunday, June 19, 2005

The UN and the USA

In light of the government voting to withhold funds from the UN until they clean up their corrupt arses. Here is where we should go from there.

This organization is worthless. They should be asked to leave and we should stop footing their bill entirely.

Their resolutions hold no weight, they are paper tigers. Their members are corrupt, lining their own pockets violating their own resolutions. Besides, anytime they need something enforced, it our country that ends up bearing the brunt.

Once we are done that we should pull all military aid from all foreign countries that have shown to be our enemies includes France, Germany, and all the other ones.

I would love to see how France would sustain their precious socialist paradise without the US to foot their defense spending. I would love to see how fast the people of Germany would start bitching when we remove that huge base and all those consumers from their economy.

After that, we leave Saudi Arabia blowing up everything in our path on the way out.


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