Saturday, June 18, 2005

Michael Jackson

I guess just like OJ we see that 'not guilty' and 'innocent' are not the same thing.

Do I think MJ is a child molester? Absolutely. Do I think he was guilty in THIS CASE. Probably not. Though if he is, and he got off because this poor kid's mother is as big a scumbag as MJ is, then that really sucks.

I've been reading that this kid has really taken it pretty hard.

I am amazed once again that he was not guilty of everything, even the giving alcohol to minors charge. JESUS JUICE!

It also once again painfully illustrates the difference between the races. They are so ready to play the race card. This in of itself is pretty funny because OJ and MJ are two of the whitest black men on the planet. Embraced by whites and blacks alike. To say that these cases were racially motivated is pretty insulting. What it does show is that the black race sees skin color before facts, at least in these two cases.

One last thing: Is anyone else reminded of the cantina scene from Star Wars every time they see that freak family leaving the court room?


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