Sunday, June 19, 2005


You know what we should do. We should start pitting the prisoners against each other "Running Man" style. The winner of each round gets a trial. We could televise it and I bet it would get great ratings.

We could put them in some kind of environment where they would have like bomb belts and explosive laden cars around to use to try to kill the other guy.

There would be a special bonus for the guy who blows himself up, IE he wouldn't have to get a trial and would receive a full release.

We could kind of set it up like the "Twit Of The Year" competition on Monty Python.

wouldn't that be great?!

We could give them neat little suits to wear and really nice designer Gucci bomb vests. They would have some style when they blow themselves up. (You can be sure they wouldn't hesitate to get you if they could)

They would then get their trials by military tribunal and be found guilty anyway. But at least they would get their precious trials right?


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