Saturday, June 18, 2005

Dick Durban

Does this guy really believe what he is saying? Does anyone else? Every time I hear rhetoric like this I am surprised. It shows an ignorance of history and an ignorance of the things we are being compared to. Hitler? Pol Pot? Stalin? Come on.

Have there been abuses, probably. Are they systemic? I really have a hard time believing that. Even most of the stuff I have heard described are mainly things that you would see at a bachelor party more so than a "gulag."

I mean amnesty international got most of its info from men who are trained to lie about being tortured. They understand the American media and the American left as well as I do. They know that just making the allegation is going to mobilize them. They know that the media, and he left's, hatred of George Bush is enough to set them off. Never let the facts get in the way of a good anti-Bush story right?

Then there is another angle. A more likely angle. This angle says that they know exactly what they are saying when they make comparisons such as this. This angle says that they know exactly that our enemies are going to hear what they say, and use it to recruit more terrorists to kill our soldiers. How can they not know what the consequences of their words will be? These are not stupid people. Do they hate Bush so much that they are willing to throw our soldiers under a bus for the off chance it will hurt public opinion of our President?

I hope the public is taking notes. Both bases will not move on their convictions. Its those that don't care (the middle fence sitters) that will hear this kind of rhetoric and be insulted by it.


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